NCHU Course Outline
Course Name (中) 農產品供應鏈管理(6136)
(Eng.) Supply Chain Management for Agricultural Products
Offering Dept International Master Program in Agriculture
Course Type Elective Credits 3 Teacher LEE TZONG-RU
Department International Master Program in Agriculture/Graduate Language English Semester 2020-FALL
Course Description This class covers six main topics as follows:
1.Agricultural Supply Chains
2.Agricultural Transportation System.
3.Agricultural Customer Service
4.Global Dimensions of Agricultural Supply Chains
5.Agricultural Supply Chain Relationships
6.A Case Studies on the Agricultural Supply Chain
self-directed learning in the course N
Relevance of Course Objectives and Core Learning Outcomes(%) Teaching and Assessment Methods for Course Objectives
Course Objectives Competency Indicators Ratio(%) Teaching Methods Assessment Methods
Make students understand the Agricultural Supply Chains from theory and practice.
1.Professional agricultural knowledge
2.Master Thesis
3.Logic/ data collection and analysis
4.Using English as the means for communication
5.Global Perspective
Written Presentation
Oral Presentation
Course Content and Homework/Schedule/Tests Schedule
W1(09/07)(09:00~12:00) Ch1 Introduction to Logistics System
W2(09/14) no class
W3(09/21)(08:00~12:00) Ch1 Introduction to Logistics System、Ch2 Marketing and Logistics
W4(09/28)(08:00~12:00) Ch2 Marketing and Logistics
W5(10/05)(08:00~12:00) Ch3 Operation Procedure in Distribution Center
W6(10/12)(09:00~12:00) Ch3 Operation Procedure in Distribution Center
W7(10/19)(09:00~12:00) Ch4 Inventory Management and Warehousing System
W8(10/26)(09:00~12:00) Ch4 Inventory Management and Warehousing System
W9(11/02)(09:00~12:00) Presentation-1
W10(11/09)(09:00~12:00) Midterm-exam
W11(11/16)(09:00~12:00) Ch5 Transportation
W12(11/23)(09:00~12:00) Ch6 Logistics Information System
W13(11/30)(09:00~12:00) Ch6 Logistics Information System
W14(12/07)(09:00~12:00) Ch7 Logistics and E-commerce
W15(12/14)(09:00~12:00) Ch7 Logistics and E-commerce
W16(12/21)(09:00~12:00) Presentation-2
W17(12/28)(09:00~12:00) Presentation-3
W18(01/04)(09:00~12:00) Final-exam
1. Midterm exam: 20%
2.Term paper for IJAITG: 25% (Submit due day: 12/29)
3.Final exam: 25%
4.Presentation: 20%
5.Homework+Discussion: 10%
Textbook & other References
1.當代物流管理:理論與實務(第六版),李宗儒(濬紳)、林正章、Per Hilletofth、周宣光合著,滄海圖書
2. Managing Supply Chain: A Logistics Approach, Eight International Edition, C. John Langley Jr., John J. Coyle, Brian J. Gibson, Robert A. Novack, Edward J. Bardi, HWA TAI PUBLISHING CO., LTD
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