NCHU Course Outline
Course Name (中) 農產品供應鏈管理(6136)
(Eng.) Supply Chain Management for Agricultural Products
Offering Dept International Master Program of Agriculture
Course Type Elective Credits 3 Teacher LEE TZONG-RU
Department International Master Program of Agriculture/Graduate Language English Semester 2020-FALL
Course Description This class covers six main topics as follows:
1.Agricultural Supply Chains
2.Agricultural Transportation System.
3.Agricultural Customer Service
4.Global Dimensions of Agricultural Supply Chains
5.Agricultural Supply Chain Relationships
6.A Case Studies on the Agricultural Supply Chain
Relevance of Course Objectives and Core Learning Outcomes(%) Teaching and Assessment Methods for Course Objectives
Course Objectives Competency Indicators Ratio(%) Teaching Methods Assessment Methods
Make students understand the Agricultural Supply Chains from theory and practice.
1.Professional agricultural knowledge
2.Master Thesis
3.Logic/ data collection and analysis
4.Using English as the means for communication
5.Global Perspective
Written Presentation
Oral Presentation
Course Content and Homework/Schedule/Tests Schedule
W1(09/07)(09:00~12:00) Ch1 Introduction to Logistics System
W2(09/14) no class
W3(09/21)(08:00~12:00) Ch1 Introduction to Logistics System、Ch2 Marketing and Logistics
W4(09/28)(08:00~12:00) Ch2 Marketing and Logistics
W5(10/05)(08:00~12:00) Ch3 Operation Procedure in Distribution Center
W6(10/12)(09:00~12:00) Ch3 Operation Procedure in Distribution Center
W7(10/19)(09:00~12:00) Ch4 Inventory Management and Warehousing System
W8(10/26)(09:00~12:00) Ch4 Inventory Management and Warehousing System
W9(11/02)(09:00~12:00) Presentation-1
W10(11/09)(09:00~12:00) Midterm-exam
W11(11/16)(09:00~12:00) Ch5 Transportation
W12(11/23)(09:00~12:00) Ch6 Logistics Information System
W13(11/30)(09:00~12:00) Ch6 Logistics Information System
W14(12/07)(09:00~12:00) Ch7 Logistics and E-commerce
W15(12/14)(09:00~12:00) Ch7 Logistics and E-commerce
W16(12/21)(09:00~12:00) Presentation-2
W17(12/28)(09:00~12:00) Presentation-3
W18(01/04)(09:00~12:00) Final-exam
1. Midterm exam: 20%
2.Term paper for IJAITG: 25% (Submit due day: 12/29)
3.Final exam: 25%
4.Presentation: 20%
5.Homework+Discussion: 10%
Textbook & other References
1.當代物流管理:理論與實務(第六版),李宗儒(濬紳)、林正章、Per Hilletofth、周宣光合著,滄海圖書
2. Managing Supply Chain: A Logistics Approach, Eight International Edition, C. John Langley Jr., John J. Coyle, Brian J. Gibson, Robert A. Novack, Edward J. Bardi, HWA TAI PUBLISHING CO., LTD
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